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Friday, 04.11.2011


Fight the power is a collective radio project, a mobile, sporadically and often unexpectedly streaming internet radio that organizes a special broadcast. The broadcast "Fight The Power" will draw inspiration from the eponymous Public Enemy song that was broadcasted live and continuously in 1991 on one of Belgrade’s dissident radio station, B92.

Guitar player in Sirte

Within the context of today’s political and social disruption all around the globe, from Libya to America- protest and radio, music and diffusion, sound and amplification seem to be of relevant importance. The Libyan musician-soldier and Slavoj ˇi˛ek’s intervention on Wall-Street (after the police forbade the use of megaphones during the occupation) are therefore symbolic: the guitarist seems to handle his guitar like a machinegun whereas the chorus (in the classical sense) denounces with a massive critical voice the iniquitous situation.

Slavoj ˇi˛ek on Wall Street

The subject of the evening could be summarized as an attempt to analyze the geopolitics and dialectics of protest songs. That is for the theoretical part; pragmatically the broadcast will consist of a collective live atopic sound performance. A number of invited artists, writers, activist and musicians will remotely contribute in real time.

Everyone is cordially invited to participate in this experience. In this case we will fix with you the time of your broadcast during that evening and we will call you shortly beforhand. You will transmit your contribution in real-time via phone or skype. Please send in title, duration, and a short content description to: However, if you prefer sending us a short contribution in form of a mp3 (not longer than 10 minutes), you can do so by addressing it directly to

Following contributers will be shown: Benoît Maire, Quynh Dong, Knowbotic Research, Mark Divo, Sarah Burger, Arthur de Pury, Taf Hassam, Kim Seob Boninsegni, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Mathieu Copeland, Pekka Ruuska, Yann Chataigne, Jan Op de Beeck, Vianney Fivel, Mari Alessandrini, Fabian Marti, Daniel Baumann, Haus am Gern, Nelly Haiti and more...

"Fight The Power" is a joint project initiated by Ceel Mogami de Haas, Laurent Schmid and Daniel Suter in the context of "This Machine Kills Fascists", inspired by Woodie Guthrie guitar inscription. It's a project dealing with protest songs in the widest meaning. The project will develop in a multitude of formats that will finally result in an exhibition taking place in 2012 in Geneva.

Posted by Stefan Wagner

Sunday, 10.08.2014


Kulturwoche - Journalismus
Yonis Hassan Musse (Somalia)



Vom Montag 4. bis Sonntag 10. August findet auf Radio LoRa - über FM 97.5MHz oder und abends an sieben Kulturorten der Stadt Zürich die LoRa Kulturwoche statt. Dieses Jahr steht sie unter dem Titel „Stimmen aus dem Exil“: Flüchtlinge berichten über ihr Kulturschaffen, Kultur und Politik in ihren Heimatländern und in der Schweiz.

Sie kommen aus ganz unterschiedlichen Kulturkreisen, aus irakisch Kurdistan, Palästina, Mexiko, Guinea, dem Sudan, der Türkei und Somalia. Doch ein Schicksal ist ihnen gemein: Sie mussten wegen ihres politischen Engagements und Kulturschaffen aus ihren Ländern fliehen und setzen ihre Tätigkeit auch an ihren neuen Wohnorten fort. Und sie alle werden in sieben Veranstaltungen ihre kulturelle und politische Tätigkeit in der alten Heimat und in der Schweiz vorstellen. Weitere Kulturschaffende tragen tagsüber auf Radio LoRa im Rahmen der LoRa Kulturwoche Sendungen zum Thema „Stimmen aus dem Exil“ bei. Sie sind in allen Kultursparten zuhause – in der Poesie, der Literatur, in Film, Theater, Musik und Journalismus.

Am Sonntag 10. August von ab 19 bis 22 Uhr gestaltet Yonis Hassan Musse aus Somalia einen Abend im Corner College.

Posted by Stefan Wagner