Oktober 2017
13.10.2017 -
2017 / 201710 / Ausstellung
Martina-Sofie Wildberger

Tobias Bienz, Denise Hasler, Martina-Sofie Wildberger
26.10.2017 -
2017 / 201710 / Ausstellung
Corner College at Kunst 17 Zürich (Zurich Art Fair)
Donatella Bernardi
27.10.2017 -
2017 / 201710 / Symposium
trans-local Sympodium
What’s Wrong with Performance Art?

Camille Aleña, Madeleine Amsler, Donatella Bernardi, Linda Cassens Stoian, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Voin de Voin, Mo Diener, Heike Fiedler, Gilles Furtwängler, Lia García, San Keller, Elise Lammer, Milenko Lazic, Valerian Maly, Federica Martini, Angela Marzullo, Lou Masduraud, Muda Mathis, Irene Müller, Sibylle Omlin, Denis Pernet, Guillaume Pilet, Nathalie Rebholz, Chris Regn, Dorothea Rust, Andrea Saemann, Pascal Schwaighofer, Dorothea Schürch, Bernadett Settele, Dimitrina Sevova, Axelle Stiefel, Kamen Stoyanov, Katharina Swoboda, Martina-Sofie Wildberger

Wednesday, 26.08.2009
18:00h -
Saturday, 19.09.2009


Go With The Guts
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Go With The Guts at Corner College is a group show featuring prints by artists from www.gowiththeguts.com, an online shop that started December 2008 and went online February 2009 selling prints by Zurich artists. All prints are made from either one of the traditional printmaking techniques such as: woodblock, linocut, intaglio including etching, aquatint and drypoint, stencil including screenprinting and pochoir, and monoprint.

During the exhibition period at Corner College, there will also be a screening, an excursion and a workshop.



Posted by Urs Lehni