April 2017
01.04.2017 -
2017 / 201704 / 201705 / Ausstellung
Uriel Orlow personal exhibition
Geraniums Are Never Red

Uriel Orlow
2017 / 201704 / Vortrag
Guest lecture of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating CAS/ MAS ZHdK
Joshua Simon: The Great Soviet Encyclopedia: Communism and The Dividual

Joshua Simon

Mai 2017
2017 / 201705 / Buchvernissage
Christoph Kappeler: Josef Maria Schröder

13.05.2017 -
2017 / 201705 / Ausstellung
Abel Auer, Lisa Biedlingmaier, June Crespo, Ulrika Jäger, Bernadette Wolbring

Thursday, 17.12.2009


Ausstellung / Präsentation
Graphic Design for and Against the City

Exhibition opening and "Salon de Recherche": Metahaven (with Ruedi Baur, Miguel Robles-Duran, Vera Kockot, Jesko Fezer and Matthias Görlich)

The first Civic City Display in the Showcases of Corner College is centered around the question of a critical representation of urban issues. It presents graphic works by Zak Kyes and Metahaven.

Dubai Düsseldorf

"Graphic Design for and Against Cities" refers to the research exhibition by the Amsterdam based design collective Metahaven "Stadtstaat. A Scenario for Merging Cities", previously shown in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and Casco, Utrecht, and the group exhibition "Dubai Düsseldorf" at Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, which included work by London graphic designer and publisher Zak Kyes. Around the same time in 2009, both exhibitions were concerned in different ways with imaginary merged cities as a phenomenon of globalization. The works of Metahaven and Zak Kyes deal with the potentials of visual communication in the representation of such cities as well as with the possibility of graphic critiques of strategies for urban marketing and its image politics.

Duration of the exhibition: 17.12.09–10.01.2010

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