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2018 / 201803 / 201804 / Ausstellung
A proposition by
Donatella Bernardi
for Corner College:
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz

Donatella Bernardi
2018 / 201803 / Ausstellung
Event: Donatella Bernardi
From Abdizuel to Zymeloz
After Carla Lonzi and Ketty La Rocca

Donatella Bernardi, Claire Fontaine, Elisabeth Joris, Sally Schonfeldt

Friday, 02.07.2010


Film Screening
Ian Rodney Wooldridge

Ian Rodney Wooldridge, a British filmmaker based in London and currently working in Zurich, will screen four recent works:

— Untitled (2010) A work in progress 4min

"The main film to be screened is a work in progress that assembles 4 males to produce an aesthetic harmony through movement. The movement in the film and the strategies applied to the edit form were developed with a disjointed wit from the swing of a pendulum and ideas around the pendulum's hypnotic powers. A fifth, core element that represents the physical pendulum is a sculpture by the Artist Rich Gasper."

Untitled (2010)

Two collaborations with Hannah Martin for showstudio.com
— Vincent (2008) 1min30
— Untitled (2009) 1min30

— The Tuba (2009) 5min
— To Ape and to Parrot (2008) 10min

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