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Saturday, 23.08.2014


Eric Andersen, Martin Robinson


Fifty years in the writing and two years in the making, we are pleased to announce the appearance of “Epitomes”. It is both an anachorism and an anachronism. It is a combined production of words and images, of printing and design.

Martin Robinson, the English wordmonger, is as yet unknown and can remain un-introduced for the time being, not out of any false modesty, but as a bow to his belief that the words are not his but common property. As he writes:


Eric Andersen, the designer, is a twice Swiss Design Award holder and known for his decorative alterations to Zurich’s walls and hoardings. In labouring on “Epitomes”, for both those who know him and those who don’t he has undoubtedly expanded his oeuvre by yet another exciting facet.

Either part of this project has its own intrinsic interest, but married they resonate just that little bit more.

You are therefore very cordially welcome to join both men and see the pages of the project at Corner College from 17.00 onwards on Saturday 23 August 2014 with host Stefan Wagner and editor Thomas Robinson and a bar – to read, look, ponder, discuss, enjoy or dismiss or even acquire.



5pm Opening Doors and Hot Dog Mobile

7pm Speech Martin Robinson

You are cordially invited to this evening of words, prints, drinks and hot dogs.

Posted by Stefan Wagner