September 2017
10.09.2017 -
2017 / 201709 / 201710 / Ausstellung
The Swiss Psychotropic Gold Refining
what is your mission?

knowbotiq (Yvonne Wilhelm & Christian Huebler)

Oktober 2017
27.10.2017 -
2017 / 201710 / Symposium
trans-local Sympodium
What’s Wrong with Performance Art?

Camille Aleña, Madeleine Amsler, Antoine Bellini and Lou Masduraud, Donatella Bernardi, Linda Cassens Stoian, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Voin de Voin, Mo Diener, Heike Fiedler, Gilles Furtwängler, Lia García, San Keller, Elise Lammer, Milenko Lazic, Valerian Maly, Federica Martini, Sibylle Omlin, Denis Pernet, Guillaume Pilet, Nathalie Rebholz, Chris Regn, Dorothea Rust, Pascal Schwaighofer, Bernadett Settele, Dimitrina Sevova, Kamen Stoyanov, Katharina Swoboda

Thursday, 01.10.2015


2015 / 201510 / Buchvernissage
Four new books by b.frank books

Join us for an evening of drinks and the presentation of four new books by Jenny Rova, Ester Vonplon, Will Stacey and Roger Eberhard. Jenny and Ester will be present to sign and talk about their publications. We look forward to welcoming you.

Will Stacey - Deadline

Jenny Rova - I would also like to be

Ester Vonplon und Stephan Eicher - Gletscherfahrt

Roger Eberhart - Martin Parr looking at books

b.frank books was founded by Zurich born photographer Roger Eberhard in 2011. The Swiss publishing house is run by Eberhard and Ester Vonplon and currently publishes four to six books a year. b.frank books’ main focus is the photographic artist’s book, presenting the work of young artists from all over the world.

b.frank books online:

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