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Friday, 12.03.2010


Meet the Makers
Soirée "Komfort"
A Magazine from the Czech Republic

- - -

"Komfort magazine is a non-commercial project based in Prague, Czech Republic. Completely DIY and Do It Together. This we see as a significant factor - it means we are not subordinate to any erratic publisher or advertiser. The purpose of Komfort Mag is to reverse the traditional idea of a magazine, as something which relies mainly on text. That's why Komfort is 70% pictures, illustrations or photography. Words are not enough to describe it. Komfort mag is available in several shops abroad, e.g. the newly opened Motto Store in Zurich. We are going to introduce the whole project itself and particularly the latest issue which has been finished recently."

Komfort Issues 0-3

In addition to the presentation, Chlebíčky and Czech pils will be served. The evening takes place in the presence of the producers of Komfort: Olga Benešová (graphic design), Jiří Karásek (editorial board), Radek Sidun (graphic design), Pavel Turek (editor)

"Meet the Makers" is a new series conceived by Corner College in collaboration with Motto Zürich that aims to present contemporary publishing projects by inviting the individuals involved.

Posted by Urs Lehni