Tuesday, 13.04.2010


Samuel Fuller: White Dog (1982)
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Up and coming Hollywood starlet Julie Sawyer (Kristy McNichol) takes in a stray German Shepherd after accidentally hitting it with her car. Though the animal seems friendly and protective at first, it soon reveals a startling aspect of its nature: it will brutally kill any dark-skinned person it sees. Facing the possibility that her pet might be euthanized for the safety of the public, Julie takes the dog to Noah's Ark, a facility that specializes in training animals for movies. She begs the facility operator Mr. Carruthers (Burl Ives) to break her dog of its racist attack training, but he insists it is not possible. However, his top trainer, Keys (Paul Winfield) believes he can break the dog and takes on the task as a personal challenge. But Keys himself is African-American, meaning every training session is literally a life and death struggle.

White Dog (1982)

This event, part of Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch), is recommended by Flo Maak, participating artist in the exhibtion. It met with censorship and "was almost never shown in the movie theater, because it was considered racist even though it is an anti-racist film." (Flo Maak)

6-9 pm: Bar and small talk at Perla-Mode
9-10:30 pm: White Dog, by Samuel Fuller, 1982.

Posted by Stefan Wagner