Saturday, 04.12.2010


When Europe Speaks with One Voice
Karl Larsson


Poetical Assumption: Parrot (chuckle, cackle)

Poetry and sculpture. It seems like there is no "and" but a "/", "?" or simply a void between them.

Can it be, that to a certain extent, poetry and sculpture always speak of their own premises?

The gap between future possibilities, past achievements, present confusion?

Let's, for once, assume that everyday life is fundamentally prosaic. And that society is haunted by the dream of accumulation, surge.

Surge (definition): a powerful rush of emotions, large economical increase, a great natural force such as waves or tide.

Like in any work of literary fiction, there must be a reason, a story to be told.

Do I sometimes feel like I want to be swept away, carried by a greater cause?

Do I feel ashamed of my own lazy body? Does it hurt to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

(A short excerpt of Danielle Colloberts diary entry, October 1961, is read out loud).

Oben stehende Auszüge stammen aus Karl Larssons neustem Buch "Parrot" das anlässlich seiner gleichnamigen Ausstellung bei Index in Stockholm erschienen ist. Larsson wird eine Lecture halten, die die Figur des Papageis als Ausgangspunkt für seine Auseinandersetzung mit Werken von Marcel Broodhaers (1924-76) nimmt.

When Europe Speaks with One Voice wird veranstaltet von Lucie Kolb und Romy Rüegger.

Posted by Stefan Wagner