Wednesday, 08.06.2011 -
Saturday, 25.06.2011


Book Notes 1998-2010 (2h 3min)
Christoph Schifferli

During three weeks Corner College shows a two hour slide show of the passionated book collector Christoph Schifferli. Since more than ten years he measures his collecting activities - books, artists, sellers and places - with his camera.


"I started using a digital camera in the late 90s, mostly in art exhibitions were I took pictures of the artwork together with the small tags on the side stating the name of the artist, etc. I later started using the camera also for books, taking a quick picture of the cover with some spreads and the impressum (and possibly of the price if it was a rare book). Since the date is automatically registered when you take a digital picture, I still had to take note of the location (these were pre-GPS times). So I started taking pictures of the gallerist, artist or bookdealer to keep a record of the place or context. Anyway - I still do this all the time. Finally these pictures also became a visual diary - but this happened more coincidentally and as a side effect, and I became aware of the diary effect much later in the process.For the one-sentence description: it's really a visual notebook with pictures recording and documenting my collecting finds and wants."

Christoph Schifferli

Posted by Stefan Wagner