Monday, 10.10.2011


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic

2-Year Anniversary Special!

Mr. Hulot gets lost in a cube farm

To celebrate two years of Theory Tuesdays, Dimitrina Sevova will introduce in to Jacques Tati film oeuvre.

Excerpts from the following films by Jacques Tati will be screened:

- L'École des facteurs (1947) (short film)
- Jour de fête (1949)
- Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (1953)
- Mon Oncle (1958)
- Play Time (1967)
- Trafic (1971)
- Parade (1974)

Along with excerpts from two documentary films about Jacques Tati:

- Jacques Tati, le rire démocratique, by Philippe Pierre (2002)
- The Magnificent Tati, by Michael House (2009)

> Text by Dimitrina Sevova

Posted by Stefan Wagner