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Homage to Ricardo Rangel (1924–2009)


Ricardo Rangel is regarded as the doyen of Mozambican photography and is one of the leading photo reporters in Africa in the second half of the 20th century. He belongs to a tradition of documentary photographery which is close to the approach of the Magnum photographers. He always had any critical attitude towards the Portuguese colonial regime, and this led to conflicts with the censorship authorities and to emprisonment. After independence in 1975 he made a major contribution to the construction of the new socialist state, while maintaining his critical distance to the establishment. As a leading journalist and as a teacher in the Centro de Formação Fotográfica (CFF), Rangel had a strong influence on the next generation of photographers and was one of the main founders of the photographic tradition in Mozambique.

The film shows sequences from 2003 with Ricardo Rangel at the time of the opening of the exhibition Iluminando Vidas. The scenes from 2003 are interwoven with longer interview passages from the year 2011 with Alexandre Pomar (*1947, Lisbon) and photographer Sérgio Santimano (*1956, Lourenço Marques / Maputo). Pomar is a respected Portuguese art critic and journalist who lives in Lisbon.

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With a short introduction by Bruno Z'Graggen.

Homage to Ricardo Rangel (1924–2009)
A film by Bruno Z'Graggen and Angelo Sansone
56 min
P, English subtitles

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