Monday, 04.02.2013


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays
Philip Matesic


"There are many reasons to be conscious of how the conditions for production and distribution of contemporary art are changing. One reason is that complex and thought-provoking art is having a harder time than ever, not only to come about but also to circulate beyond an already converted audience. Another reason is that entertaining and easily digestible art is becoming more and more prevalent - in the public eye, almost synonymous with "art" itself. Both developments are connected with new power dynamics in the wake globalization, neoliberal policies of deregulation and financialization, and the boom of the commercial art market."

Maria Lind, Editior of "contemporary art and its commercial markets - a report on current conditions and future scenarios" (SternbergPress 2012) in the preface.

In this TT-session Stefan Wagner suggests the essay "tainted love: art's ethos and capitalization" by Suhail Malik and Andrea Philips who both work at Goldsmith College in London. The text out of "contemporary art and its commercial markets ..." describes the change and forms of funding structures and its impact on contemporary art nowadays. We will discuss the text and see if we are agreeing with that concept.

Text: tainted love: art's ethos and capitalization by suhail malik/andrea philips

> Text Suhalik/Philips

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