Thursday, 13.06.2013


Each One, Teach One
Practical Fridays
Philip Matesic

During this Practical Fridays session, Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Christoph Brunner and Jacqueline Poloni will explore different kinds of diagrams, in artistic, performance and philosophical practices. Diagrams are strange devices and techniques which attempt to make relations tangible and at the same time evade straight formats of representation. They are expression in physical as much as in immaterial ways.

Ian Kerr - Diagram

The goal of the session is to familiarize ourselves with diagrammatic practices as means for tracing and enabling movement. Not dividing between movement in space and movement of thought, we want to foreground and experiment with techniques of non-representational expression and relational movement. The material exposure will be complemented with collectively developed techniques and propositions for diagrammatic practices.

To Bring:
Whatever material you consider relevant to what a diagram is and what it can do/become. We aim for collaborative and experimental processes with the 'stuff' at hand!

Resource for inspiration:

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