Monday, 15.09.2014


Each One, Teach One
Theory Tuesdays & Practical Fridays
Philip Matesic

Planning Session / Fall 2014

Theory Tuesdays and Practical Fridays are organized around an „Each One, Teach One“ pedagogical philosophy. During each session, a different person initiates discussion about a specific text, film or leads an instructional workshop.

If you would like to lead a session, please bring a concrete idea about a text, a film or a practical workshop with you to the planning session. During the session, everyone will briefly present their ideas and we will collectively fill in a calendar with the suggestions. Below are a list of requirements to consider.

TEXT - The texts presented and discussed are usually about art, architecture, design, critical and literary theory.

FILM - The films screened are usually about specific artists, art & design movements, avant-garde cinema or documentaries.

WORKSHOP – Past Practical Fridays sessions have included „A Viking Way of Knitting“, „Vocal Training“, „Bouquet Making“ and "How to Correctly Compost". Please keep in mind that a workshop should be no longer than two hours and everyone should be able to participate.

AUF DEUTSCH – Theory Tuesdays and Practical Fridays are not exclusively held in English. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions that are in German.

Posted by Philip Matesic