Monday, 27.10.2014


Dans 2.0
MÄrten SpÄngberg


'the address will be dance and choreography and the moving museum - a genealogy - the time of movement is now - it's fun and not only at all for dance people it's more to understand why choreography now and how it is located in contemporary contexts. ' Mårten (ref. email from Mårten)

(Following recent talks elsewhere;) Mårten Spångberg may articulate a genealogy of hijacking, and uses the notion as a conceptual path to understand contemporary phenomena and identify tendencies within the current neoliberal regime. “What if Derrida decided for hijacking instead of friendship. What if Barthes was in to the poetics of hijacking instead of a lover’s discourse. What if Badiou was into hijacking instead of anything else... It’s a dark activity—only at it’s darkest can it relieve us from the suffering".

The evening is organized by Magnhild Fossum.

Posted by Stefan Wagner