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2015 / 201501 / Écriture Collective - Reading Fiction and Its Theoretical Monster Prodigies
New Series: Écriture Collective – Reading Fiction and Its Theoretical Monster Prodigies
Corner College Collective

The art of reading fiction is probably one of the most understated intellectual practices of our time – a practice that requires creative artistic passion and invention to re-activate and re-animate the written text through reading. Fiction, it seems, is the secret undercurrent of our desire for other moods and encounters with characters, for a peculiar garden of many times to blossom for a prolonged moment of timelessness in the midst of our everyday. We enter fiction on the train, in the transitions between spaces, when the kids are in bed. We live its intensities, cry with its protagonists, anticipate futures through its signs, and become someone else through fiction.

Writing has always been a collective process, while reading is often a lonely endeavor. For Reading Fiction and Its Theoretical Monster Prodigies we want to begin reading fiction together, discussing it and working with it, a process that occurs in the circulation between the two poles of writing and reading, with its infinity of loops and ripples and leaps in which writing becomes reading, and reading becomes writing. Fiction, we suggest, plunges us into the virtual that constitutes a vital part of our reality. We want to explore fiction’s multiple temporalities while reading, thinking, talking and writing collectively, drawing lines from the power of fiction to our own creative practices. From reading, we might start drawing, scribbling, doodling, writing, typing, reading aloud to one another, co-writing, or (why not?) singing each other’s re-collection of words and their lines and figures. The possibilities are plentiful.

Reading Fiction and Its Theoretical Monster Prodigies arises from an urgency to activate forms of écriture collective, of a new wave of creative encounters with language that becomes the other of itself, a stranger to itself, capable of re-animating the power of fiction to shape the real.

The format is open to your active involvement, aiming at collaborations in and through fiction. Everyone is welcome to add new material and suggest practical experiments. Periodically, we will look back and think of ways to share our investigations with a public.

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