Wednesday, 29.07.2015


2015 / 201507 / Artist Talk
High on a Rock: Work presentation
Erica van Loon

Video still of work in progress during residency at Artist on a Hill, 2015.

This summer Erica van Loon lives and works in Wald ZH (CH) at Artist on a Hill, a residency organized by Arts Atrium. Here she researches for new works, gathering input from her new surroundings and through visits to, i.a., the department of earth sciences at ETH University in Zürich and the Jung Institute in Küsnacht.

Through an extensive range of media she studies possible relations to our natural environment, often taking the human body as a starting point. During her work presentation at Corner College she will show a special compilation, consisting of existing works and new thoughts and sketches of what she explored during her residency in the nearby hills.

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