Thursday, 12.11.2015


2015 / 201511 / Konzert / Präsentation / Sound Performance
MultiMadeira Artist Residency - Presentation & Performances
Gretchen Blegen, Lukatoyboy / Luka Ivanović, Vreni Spieser

MultiMadeira is an unfunded artist residency taking place on Portuguese island Madeira. The 2015 edition will take place from end of November 2015 until end of February 2016. The residency is self-organized and open to artists working in all disciplines. Participants are asked to propose a project they will be working on during their stay.

The first edition was realized during the last two months of 2013. MultiMadeira has hosted a total of 38 artists working in various fields and with different geographical and cultural backgrounds. During the first edition, over 30 various public events including concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops were held.

On Friday, 13 November Lukatoyboy (alias Luka Ivanović) - one of the co-founders of MultiMadeira - will present the residency at Corner College. He will be accompanied by Klara Ravat, MultiMadeira artist 2015, and Gretchen Blegen, MultiMadeira artist 2013. They will talk about the reasons, methods and achieved goals, focusing on realized works.

At 21:00h performances:

Gretchen Blegen & Vreni Spieser - Conversation Take.

A text-performance on conversation, cross-overs of narratives and language as a means of communication.

Lukatoyboy - The Final Instruction, Prologue

The Final Instruction aims to present the history of objectified personal how-to knowledge, its passages from Chevrolet Caprice, disadvantaged children and juice machines.

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