Monday, 28.11.2016


2016 / 201611 / Diskussion / Vortrag
Federica Martini: Pérruques, homers and pirate radios
and discussion between Federica Martini, Cora Piantoni and Dimitrina Sevova

Federica Martini, Cora Piantoni, Dimitrina Sevova

19:00h Talk by Federica Martini: Pérruques, homers and pirate radios.

The « pérruque » is a tactic for diverting time from the factory work and indulge in creative no-profit labour. Like pirate radios, pérruques infiltrate production narratives with notions of desire and liberated time. Like quilts, the pérruques are a non-hegemonic class practice that is based on appropriation, storytelling and generosity. In resonance with Cora Piantoni's exhibition Buon Lavoro! Prose of The Day – Poetic Resistance at Corner College, in this talk the pérruque will play as a magnifying glass and a metaphor to read collaborations between artists and workers in factories in 1960s-1970s Italy. Focusing on proximities and correspondences between artistic processes, factory culture, and alternative radio strategies, context will be given to Gianfranco Baruchello, Gruppo N, Maria Lai, Olivetti and Italsider.

20:00h Conversation between Federica Martini, the artist Cora Piantoni and the curator Dimitrina Sevova, in the context of Federica Martini's talk and on the occasion of Cora Piantoni's personal exhibition Buon Lavoro! Prose of The Day – Poetic Resistance.

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