Thursday, 18.01.2018


2018 / 201801 / Heftvernissage
Blackout - Magazine Launch at Corner College

Two publications based on the Art Work(ers) research project by ECAV / Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Valais.

Magazine Launch: Friday January 19, 2018, 18h – 21 h
The exhibition will remain open till January 28, 2018

Concept: Art Work(ers), Federica Martini & Christof Nüssli
Publisher: art&fiction, Lausanne
With texts by: Leah Anderson, Andrea Bellini, Donatella Bernardi, Mabe Bethonico, Chrisantha Chetty, Robert Ireland, Alexandros Kyriakatos, Federica Martini, Guillaume Pilet, David Romero, Marcella Turchetti, W.A.G.E.

The Blackout Magazine invites artists, historians and theoreticians to reactivate editorial formats emerged around industrial utopias.
The first two issues are Blackout #0: Art Labour and Blackout #1: Olivetti, poesia concreta. They focus on industrial and cultural labour, Olivetti, visual arts and post-industrial conditions.

Art Work(ers) is a research project by Robert Ireland, Petra Köhle & Federica Martini at the ECAV - Ecole Cantonale d'Art du Valais/Sierre. The Art Work(ers) research project is supported by the Hes-so research fund and the Canton du Valais.

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